Lincolnshire selected for project to inspire more juniors to take up golf

Lincolnshire is among four counties who have been chosen to work in partnership with England Golf over the next two years to get more juniors involved in the sport.
The latest sports news for the Hemel areaThe latest sports news for the Hemel area
The latest sports news for the Hemel area

Cheshire, Durham and Somerset are also joining the pilot project which aims to get more under 18s playing and joining clubs.

The latest England Golf Club questionnaire, which is carried out every two years and tracks trends, shows a decline in junior membership.

On average, each club lost three boy members between 2014 and 2016 and altogether juniors account for just seven per cent of club members.

Lee Dolby, England Golf’s Young People Manager, commented: “It’s vital that we address the challenges facing junior golf.

Lincolnshire and the other three counties have enormous commitment and enthusiasm for developing junior golf and involving more young people.

“I am very much looking forward to working with them over the next couple of years to see how much of an impact we can have and how we can inspire a love of golf to last a lifetime.”

Lincolnshire is already deeply committed to growing junior golf for all children.

It runs elite junior teams and also offers fun and social golf to beginners with its County Chicks and Imps tour.

Keith Moody, Lincolnshire Golf Union Junior Organiser, commented: “We’re very excited about this project which will support our ambition to create a pathway, for both girls and boys, starting in schools and leading to academy coaching and club membership.

“We have a great relationship with England Golf and the Golf Foundation and this is very good news for the county.”

Each of the four counties will have a bespoke plan which recognises their particular challenges and targets.

“They’ll be supported by Lee Dolby and the England Golf network of club support offers and regional managers.”

This will include offering access to research, workshops and educational resources and help with marketing to a younger audience.

Lee Dolby added: “By working closely with counties, rather than individual clubs, we can look at wider solutions which, eventually, we can share across the country.”