London Marathon blog: 16 days to go

WELL it’s been a roller coaster running ride since I last blogged. In my first week of tapering, when I had an 18 mile run planned, I was stuck down by Plantar Fasciitis.

Sounds nasty doesn’t it? Well luckily for me it’s not been so bad. I had a few days of hobbling and a few days off running before a doctor told me what the problem was.

It’s a common heel complaint among long distance runners apparently, never thought I would be one of those.

I’ve got stretches to do and I rested up a bit last week, just doing the 10 mile run instead of the planned 18 miles.

I also tried swimming and cycling, because I was getting a bit panicky.

This week though I have got back on track and will be doing 15 tomorrow, provided the heel doesn’t give me any gyp. The London hotel’s booked now and I just have to sort my outfit and printed t-shirt for the day.

I’m lucky enough to have a band of supporters coming to the start with me and I expect my mum with be organising them along the route with military precision.

I’ve also had some new trainers this week (my usual) and have begun wearing them in before the big day.

Monday I checked in at Kings Mill Hospital for a heart scan. I’d been warned that, as a result of my treatment as a teenager, I might have a weak heart so my consultant thought it best I was given the once over to make sure I am fit to race.

Luckily I was given the all clear, because after all this training I would have wanted to run it regardless of what the doctor said.

I had a the pleasure of running by a woman in Sherwood Forest this morning who shouted after me that she’d left some sponsor money for me at Barbara’s (local pet shop owner).

That spurred me on and I did an extra mile for her on my way home with Floyd (my cocker spaniel who trains with me).

I’ve been really touched by the number of people who have chosen to sponsor me and am delighted to say I’m now up to £2,425 for Wessex Cancer Trust which is brilliant.

Nearly £1000 more than my original target. I’ve also emailed the local paper in my home town and am hoping they’ll give me some support with an article in next week.

In the mean time happy running folks, not long now.


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