Master pays a visit to Maltby for special Thai Boxing session

Maltby played host to a martial arts legend last weekend, as former world champion Master Ronnie Green paid a visit.
Master Ronnie Green at Maltby Thai Boxing ClubMaster Ronnie Green at Maltby Thai Boxing Club
Master Ronnie Green at Maltby Thai Boxing Club

The five time world, European and British Muay Thai and kickboxing champion held a two hour seminar at the Edward Dunn Memorial Hall.

Clubs from Manchester, Huddersfield, Thurcroft and Maltby were in attenance, with local instructor and former European title holder Phil Glover arranging the visit.

Green and Glover go back a long way, with both former champions appearing on the same shows together over 20 years ago and remaining close friends.

Glover said: “Ronnie Green is by far one of the best ever Thai Boxers and Kickboxers to come out of the UK.”

“He fought the best of the best travelling all around the world including places like Holland, Japan and Thailand, beating a lot of great champions.”

“He is still highly regarded in a lot of countries for his amazing fighting skills.”

Throughout the seminar Green showed the traditional fighting methods of Muay Boran, which is the old style of Thai Boxing.

His message to the younger attendees was that it’s a very effective fightiing sport, and not just about being macho and aggressive.

Green insisted the sport is about helping others and avoiding trouble at all times.

The seminar was very popular with Muay Thai fans and this master of the ring had plenty of time to chat to everyone and take photos in what was a very busy day for the man.

Maltby instructor Phil Glover hopes to put on more seminars later this year, and is experiencing a swell in numbers in his evening classes, most of which are packed out each week.

For more information on the sport, contact Phil on 07999 702676.

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