Mixed bag for bowls clubs this week

Sleaford Town Bowls Club

Sleaford Town Bowls Club were involved in seven matches this week.

Away at Heighington in the District competition, the team won on one rink and lost three to gain two points against the home side’s 12.

Catherine Frain, Julie Cope and Bas Gilbert won 25-15, Larry Davies with Joan Gilbert and David Curt lost 15-32, Gerald Woodhead, Kris Moore and Roy Markham lost 20-27,Andrew Morris, Brian Srawley and Gwen Campbell lost 17-21.

Town played Perry’s sports in the semi-final of the Lincolnshire Challenge Bowl at the Burton House green, losing the match 70-87.

Ken Dye, Martin Titley and Trevor Cope won 25-18, Ruth Bird, David Campbell and Andrew Bird lost 12-24, Peter Annison, Phil Musson and Kris Moore lost 18-23, John Parker, David Curt and Richard Barnes lost 15-22.

Playing away at Billinghay in the ASC Metals League, one rink won, one drew and one lost, but the team took the aggregate 58-43 and seven points.

Linda Morris, Gwen Campbell and Andrew bird won 28-11, Joan Gilbert, Larry Davies and Kris Moore drew 15-15, Robin Wilson, Bas Gilbert and Roy Markham lost 15-17.

At home in the City League against Eagle, rink wins were shared two each, the town taking the aggregate 94-78 and 10 points.

Martin Titley, Richard Barnes and Trevor Cope won 36-13, Peter Annison, Kris Moore and Neil Mapletoft won 23-18, John Parker, Roger Neaverson and Paul Jobson lost 16-24, David Campbell, Larry Davies and Andrew Bird lost 19-23.

Away at St Giles in the District League, one rink drew to gain a point.

Gerald Woodhouse, Ken Dye and Roy Markham drew 19-19, Joan Gilbert, Kris Moore and Larry Davies lost 15-24, David Curt, Brian Srawley and Gwen Campbell lost 9-42 and Linda Morris, Peter Stokes and Phil Musson lost 21-25.

At home against Washingborough in the City Handicap Cup, Town, giving away three shots, only won on one rink, losing the match 57-68.

Peter Annison, David Campbell and Andrew Bird won 21-18, John Parker, Roger Neaverson and Kris Moore lost 21-24, Martin Titley, Phil Musson and Trevor Cope lost 15-26.

On the same night away at Digby, only three rinks were available winning on two and losing one.

Lewis Jobson, David Curt and Larry Davies won 21-20, Joan Gilbert, Brian Srawley and Gwen Campbell won 32-15, Catherine Frain, Mick Jarrald and Bas Gilbert lost 18-19.

Town forfeited two points, the score being 71-54.

Ruskinggton Bowls Club

Ruskington Bowls Club started the week with two matches in the City (Evening) League, but they were awful results.

At Norman House the team and lost all four games with a total aggregate score of 60-126.

Away to Boultham Park there were three losing games and only Trevor Thackray’s set of Jock Mitchell and John Hurst provided a little respite with a 21-15 win, aggregate overall being 56-97.

At home to Hykeham in the City (Evening) League, Waylon Clarke with Kath Booth and John Booth won 31-11.

That was balanced by Wendy Pateman’s set of Keith Pilbeam and John Hurst going down 13-31 while Tony Codd, with Les Wilkinson and Les Warren, lost 16-21, but Dave Woods, Isabel Drain and George Glover won 26-10 for the aggregate and 10 points.

At home to Lee Road in the City (Afternoon) League, Les Jenkins, Isabel Drain and David Miller missed out 15-17, John Booth’s set of Jim Barclay and Trevor Harding won 22-12, and Tony Codd’s set of Les Wilkinson and Sue Mitchell won 28-6 for eight points to consolidate top spot.

Away at Horncastle in the Coningsby League Division Four, Waylon Clarke, Les Wilkinson and Sue Mitchell lost 17-22 and Les Jenkins,Trevor Thackray and Dave Woods lost 13-21 but George Glover, Paul Butterworth and Keith Pilbeam won 18-13 for two points.