Motivational talk by ‘ocean walker’ telling his own story

After breaking multiple records with his ocean swimming exploits and setting up shop in Langton by Wragby, an inspirational swimmer is sharing his story.

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A former toaster and kettle salesman, Adam Walker was the first British person to complete the seven toughest ocean swims and then created the Ocean Walker Academy in 2018 to teach his unique method of swimming - the Ocean Walker Technique - to help others to achieve their swimming goals.

Now he will be holding a motivational talk at the academy in Langton by Wragby, a former goat farm, on Saturday (January 15), to share his incredible story of courage and determination.

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Adam developed the swim technique called ‘Ocean Walker Technique’, a hybrid version of the front crawl stroke which takes pressure off the chest, out of necessity having been advised to give up swimming by medical specialists due to shoulder injury after swimming the English Channel, the first of the seven tough channel swims.

The new technique then saw him swim six more channels - the Gibraltar strait (19 miles both ways in nine hours 39 minutes), the Molokai strait in the Hawaiian island (26 miles in 17 hours two minutes), the Catalina Channel off the coast of Los Angeles (21 miles in 12 hours 15 minutes), the Tsugaru Strait in Japan (15 miles in 15 hours 31 minutes), the Cook Strait in New Zealand (14 miles in eight hours 39 minutes) and the North Channel Strait between Scotland and Ireland (22 miles in 10 hours 45 minutes).Adam not only battled frigid ocean temperatures and tough conditions, but also was stung by a Portuguese Man O’ War and was swimming alongside sharks and a pod of dolphins during his many ocean swims.

Adam has told his story around the world and his book - ‘Man vs Ocean: A Toaster Salesman Who Sets Out to Swim the World’s Deadliest Oceans and Change His Life For Ever: One Man’s Journey to Swim the Seven Seas’ - has been published in more than 10 countries.

He said: “I wanted to tell my story in an intimate special talk at my well-being centre because I thought it would give people a mental boost in these tough times.”

Adam’s talk on Saturday begins at 7pm, with the doors opening at 6.30pm and is scheduled to last for one hour, with a question and answer session and book signing opportunity at the end.

Hot drinks and cake will be available from the centre’s cafe.

Tickets cost £15 per person for Standard Seating, and £20 per Sofa Seat.

To book tickets, visit