Jack's the lad on both the sand and shale

Cranwell flat track rider Jack Bell continued to pick up maximum points at Mablethorpe in the Junior 13-16 Sand Racing class by taking the win in all five races once again.
Jack Bell.Jack Bell.
Jack Bell.

The 13-year-old has scored maximum points at all three of the events he has attended so far this season, and has a substantial lead at the head of the points table.

Jack said: “I had an amazing day on the CRF 250 at Mablethorpe and won all five races.

“The track was good and the weather was perfect.”

Last week he was in action in Scunthorpe for the amateur speedway and pit bike races, where he would be riding in the adult classes with a lot more competition.

Jack rode well and won four of his six races, coming second in the other two.

He qualified well and jumped straight into the B final in the speedway races, where normally he has to work up to gaining a place in the final.

However, he did suffer a crash and was trapped under the bike, but it was nothing serious and didn’t affect his performance.

In the pit bike class there were 11 other riders contesting the races, and all but Jack were adults.

But he was not fazed by this and went on to win all but two of the races, and then won the final.

The next outing for Jack is the visit to Spain where he will join young riders from around the world to be coached by the new MotoGP champion Marc Marquez.

He was invited over for a second visit as last year - at a similar event last year - he crashed on just his second day in Spain and spent a week in hospital before returning home.