Kyle Jenkins records three strong rides at Mallory Park

Ruskington racer in track action...
Kyle Jenkins. Photo: Sid DigginsKyle Jenkins. Photo: Sid Diggins
Kyle Jenkins. Photo: Sid Diggins

Ruskington's Kyle Jenkins was at Mallory Park on Sunday where he contested two races in each of his two classes, the Dunlop CB500 and Open 500 championships resulting in three strong results.

It was not the best of weather for the young rookie with heavy showers throughout the day but he was able to bed in the new tyres and qualify in fifth place for the CB500 races.

However, he was not so fortunate in the Open 500 class and qualified down in 19th position.

First race for Kyle was the CB500 where he started from the second row in fourth place.

He dropped to sixth before making a mistake on lap four and crashing.

He explained: “I was trying a bit too hard to get back up into contention and was too hard on the front brake.

"This caused it to lock up and slide which put me onto the grass and bury the nose in the corner resulting in a DNF!”

Next up was the first Open 500 race where Kyle tried a different start technique and he picked up a couple of places on the opening lap.

He was embroiled in a battle for position with Daniel Love and Shay Cummins throughout the seven laps and crossed the finish line in 14th place.

The second Open 500 race went much the same way with Kyle exchanging positions with Cummins once again.

He held 14th place for a while but was beaten back and completed the seven laps in 16th position.

He said: “Finally the bad weather passed so I went out on my dry bike with new brake pads which made racing that bit harder as I had to bed the new pads in but I was pleased I was able to bring the bike home safely in 16th place.”

The final outing of the day was the second CB500 event where once again Kyle set off from fourth place.

But he was pushed wide at the first corner and ended up in eighth position.

He was looking to make a break and move back up the field on lap three but the race was red flagged and a result decided on positions on lap three which gave Kyle eighth place.

“I made a couple of mistakes which put me down to eighth but the red flag prevented me from making a move back into the top six," he added.

I know where I can improve my riding capability on the circuit I’ve just got to put it into play.

"Big thank you to everyone who has made it possible for me to be in this position in my first year of road racing, especially Roy Ridealgh at RP Motorsport for all the engine work and the new liveries on the dry bike. Thanks to my dad Lee Jenkins for repairing the bike after the small accident.”

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