Memories jogged by old photo

OUR recent picture of a Worksop street party held to celebrate the Queen’s coronation in 1953 brought back memories for Guardian readers.

The photo, brought in by Lenny Richardson, of Le Brun Square, Carlton, showed neighbours on Norfolk Street.

Reg Fox, of Sunnybank, Worksop, was on the picture and recognised most of the other people.

He said: “The trimmings on the window of the house they are standing in front of were made from milk bottle tops from a factory that made them.”

“The lines in front of the children were put there for the races that were held.”

He said others on the photo were Derek, Mick and Richard Fox, Judy Marsh, David Stevens, John Watkinson, Terry and Geoffrey Chapman, John Green, Les Revill, Mick and Sylvia Revill, Trevor Allen, Janet Kellett, Terry Moore, Jean Allen, Terry Scott, Philip and Christopher Stevens, Angela Chapman, Robert Parsons and Stewart Emmerson.

Jean Dyczek (nee Keeling), of Southdene, Worksop, wrote to say that she and four other members of her family were in the picture.

They were her twin sister Mabel, Kathaleen, Albert and Edward.

Mrs Dyczek said the picture also showed the Reuell family, Moore family, Janice Linacre and Marlene Watson.

This week’s picture shows Carlton Road, Worksop, in the early 1900s.

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