Party for Queen’s coronation

THIS week’s Archive Corner photo shows a street party in Worksop to celebrate the Queen’s coronation in 1953.

It was brought into us by Guardian reader Lenny Richardson, of Le Brun Square, Carlton.

He was about a year old when the picture was taken and can be seen on the back row in the arms of his cousin Hazel Worthington.

Mr Richardson, 60, said: “The party was on Norfolk Street where we all lived.”

“I don’t remember it and didn’t know anything about it until someone showed me the photo when I was about ten or 11.”

He said other children on the picture include the Fox brothers, Reggie, Derek and Michael; Catherine Chapman, Judy Marsh and Bob Morris.

Mr Richardson is caretaker of Carlton Civic Centre and said they had celebrations there for the Queen’s recent Diamond Jubilee.

“We had a big jubilee day with things going on inside and outside the centre,” he said.

Mr Richardson is married to Christine and they have three children and six grandchildren.

Do you recognise any of the children on the picture?

Let us know if you do, and also if you have any other information about the street party.

You can call in, email or phone.

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