Aaron ‘The Lion’ Sharp becomes world wrestling champion

Wrestler Aaron ‘The Lion’ Sharp admitted he is ‘buzzing’ after becoming a world champion.
Aaron 'The Lion' SharpAaron 'The Lion' Sharp
Aaron 'The Lion' Sharp

The 34-year-old movie star - who has shared the ring with some top names from the world of sports entertainment - defeated defeated Michael Schenkenberg and Nikita in a triple threat match in Lubeck, Germany, to claim the belt.

“To be honest I’m buzzing,” Sharp said after winning the German-based IPW World Heavyweight title.

“The crowd was sold out. It was a good crowd, and to know I’d become world champion was a brilliant feeling.”

And his victory was even sweeter as it capped off a shock return to the ring, something he thought would never happen.

“I had a bit of a bad time a couple of years ago and lost my way a bit,” said Sharp.

“And then I broke my leg and was told I’d struggle to walk again, nevermind getting back in the ring.”

It was a trampoline park, of all places, where Sharp broke his leg, during a day out with his kids.

“I’ve jumped off cages and done all sorts in the ring and only ever had a few scratches, and then this happens at a trampoline park,” Sharp continued.

“I couldn’t believe it. I broke my tibia, fibula, ankle and ripped ligaments.”

The grappler is currently being followed by a TV crew as his return to wrestling and rise to world champion will be showcased in a documentary, to be called Heart of a Lion, which will be released later this year.

Sharp, originally from Chapel St Leonards, grew up in and around Skegness before moving to Norwich to be closer to his training base in his mid-20s.

He has been wrestling for half his life, beginning his training at the town’s All-Star Wrestling school as a teenager.

“I always wanted to do it, ever since I was a kid,” Sharp added.

“I’ve always loved wrestling.”

After being introduced to Ricky Knight, the Norfolk-based promoter of British wrestling federation WAW, he moved in with the famous Knight family - which includes WWE superstar Paige - to train under their guidance.

The Lion fights regularly on IPW cards in Germany - often as many as five times a year - as well as under the WAW banner, his career taking him across the globe.

WWE and WCW stars X-Pac, Razor Ramon (aka Big Scott Hall), TNA champion Magnus, Alberto del Rio and Danny Bryan are just some of the megastars he has had the pleasure of working with over the years.

But a career away from the ring is beckoning for Sharp, who says he is toying with the idea of retirement from the world of wrestling.

Having starred in a number of movies, including Dawning of the Dead, Fighting With My Family and Fighting Wild, a career behind the camera is feeling more tempting than ever.

Sharp has signed up to appear in another movie which will be shot in Indonesia later this year, while the world of pantomime is also coming calling.

“I really enjoy the acting and it’ something I’m looking at hopefully doing more and more of,” he added.