All forms of angling able to return from Monday

News welcomed by Angling Trust...
All forms of angling can return on Monday. Photo: Getty ImagesAll forms of angling can return on Monday. Photo: Getty Images
All forms of angling can return on Monday. Photo: Getty Images

All forms of angling - including night fishing, charter boat angling and match fishing - will be able to resume from Monday, the Angling Trust has confirmed.

With outdoor sport able to resume from next March 29, Trust CEO Jamie Cook welcomed the news.

He said: “Following our Fishing out of lockdown submission to the cabinet office in February, we have been pressing for the lifting of the restrictions placed upon angling through lockdown, in particular night fishing and match fishing, when the time is right.

“We made it clear to the Government that recreational fishing has provided a valuable lifeline for many thousands of people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds throughout this pandemic.

“It has been conducted safely and responsibly with strong Covid secure guidelines in place covering every aspect of our sport.

“I’m pleased that the multiple benefits that angling delivers have again been acknowledged and that we can all look forward to a return to the angling opportunities we were able to enjoy last summer and autumn.”

In common with other outdoor sports, including golf, the Angling Trust is publishing initial guidelines to help clubs and fisheries prepare for a full return for angling at the end of the


These guidelines will be revised once the regulations are published but they include written confirmation from both the Cabinet Office and Defra. Further information will be published in due course on the Sport England website.

Angling Trust head of policy, Martin Salter added: “The return of outdoor sports was fully expected from March 29, but we had to make sure that the civil servants recognised that match fishing to the Angling Trust guidelines doesn’t constitute ‘a gathering’ and could resume safely.

“Night fishing was always going to be tricky ahead of the promised return of camping on April 12, but I’m pleased that the distinction with fishing into or through the night has been recognised and that these anglers can now enjoy the Easter break. Likewise for sea anglers wanting to book a charter boat trip.”

Fishing will remain permitted as outdoor recreation or exercise for up to six people, or in a larger group if everyone present is from the same two households.

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