Becca Taylor hopes she has the winning formula to land McLaren GT4 spot

Plans to succeed in Formula Woman event...

Becca Taylor.
Becca Taylor.

Becca Taylor hopes she has the winning formula to land a sponsored race season in a McLaren GT4.

The 21-year-old, who lives near Spilsby, has begun a hectic training schedule as she looks to fulfil an ambition.

The Formula Woman competition is hoping to transform drivers with little or no racing experience into tough track competitors.

Beca Taylor wants to succeed at Formula Woman.

“I have always loved driving and cars, and becoming a racing driver is a dream I never thought I would achieve due to finances, gender and age all being huge barriers,” Becca said.

“It is a once in a lifetime opportunity that was too good to miss.”

Becca’s ambition has only been made stronger by attending a Supercar experience day and atending the Lotus Scare Yourself Sensible day - ‘where they really let you push the cars hard’.

“I was lucky to have (ex Lotus F1 driver) Martin Donnelly as my instructor for the session and that is when I really connected with track driving,” she added.

Formula Woman entrants begin online tutorials this month with track assessments beginning in September.

Sixteen finalists will then be selected during the winter for the final shoot out, with six winers being trained and coached between February and April next year in fully sponsored Formula Woman McLaren GT4 race cars.

“Since applying, I’ve really upped my fitness training, as this is something that is easily in my control,” Becca said.

“I weight train five or six times a week to help up my strength and then train cardio four to five times a week, with a focus on running as I guarantee there will be some sort of assessment such as the bleep test.”

You can chart Beca’s progress on Instagram and TikTok (@driving_bex) or via her YouTube channel (Driving Bex).

Becca is also searching for sponsorship via GoFundMe for donations towards training and travel expenses. She is also running a raffle with over £1,000 of prizes to boost the coffers.