Boston’s Nicola Elding is crowned powerliftng champion

Fishtoft Boston Drug free powerlifter Nicola Elding has been crowned The Global Powerlifting Committee British Deadlift Champion at Mounts Bridge Academy In Penzance.

Nicola Elding on her way to the title.
Nicola Elding on her way to the title.

Deadlifting 112.5KG Nicola, who has previously won World and European titles, is looking forward to competing Internationally in 2023.

Her late father Mike Davies competed in the first ever international Powerlifting Competition against The USA in the 60’s .

He was also British, European and World champion and has been a source of inspiration for Nicola.

Nicola, who is coached by her husband Chris, said: “My father would be very happy that my powerlifting is continuing to be so successful. It was such a large part of his life, he was competing and winning until his 75th birthday. I will continue.

“My mum Maureen Davies is also very happy with my success and it is an honour to continue the family tradition.”