Callum completes his first half

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Callum Read. pmIHWRcOByy3E7WIydwI
Wyberton’s Callum Read joined hundreds of runners in Nottingham over the weekend to take part in the half marathon, mini-marathon and mile challenge events.

Callum’s event was the half marathon, his first time at this distance.

The route took the runners through the city on closed roads and passed Nottingham Castle twice before winding its way back to the Victoria Embankment Recreation Ground.

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The first half of the race was hilly with two climbs peaking at about three miles and six miles, after that the course was kinder with only slight inclines.

Part of Boston Community Runners, Callum had a great run in testing conditions weather-wise too.

With both wind and rain to contend with during the run he was thrilled to cross the finish line in 2:30.48.

With a target time now, Callum is looking forward to taking on another half marathon to see if he can beat the time he has set himself.

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Boston Community Runners offer track sessions on a Tuesday evening at the Princess Royal Sports Arena and host social runs on Thursdays from the Peter Paine centre (both 7pm).

The club also regularly meets up at the town’s parkrun event at Witham Way.