EASTWOOD'S ANGLING: Match fishing has resumed with a vengeance

Dave Eastwood looks at this week's results...
Dave Eastwood.Dave Eastwood.
Dave Eastwood.

Match fishing has resumed with vengeance - with good attendances across all of our local waters.

Fen Lakes held a two-day Easter event across both lakes in blustery conditions.

Day one results: 1 Stephen Garrard 101lb 10oz, 2 Alan Watts 81lb 14oz, 3 Dean Senkiw 74lb 7oz.

Day two result: 1 Dean Senkiw 81lb 5oz, 2 Alan Shaw 73lb 4oz, 3 Damon Grundy 66lb 5oz.

I got out with the Sleaford Legionnaires for their fist match of the year.

Swallow Lake at Westwood Lakes was the venue. I was drawn a noted flier in peg six and managed the win with F1 and carp.

Results: 1 Dave Eastwood 103lb 12oz, 2 Kev Bell 83lb 8oz, 3 Geoff Bewick 66lb 15oz.

Dave Wilkinson is back running matches at Hanworth Country Park, mid-week and Saturday open draws at 9am with fishing from 10am–4pm, costinhg £20.

Saturday result (Mallard Lake): 1 Roger Woolhouse 37lb 12oz, 2 Simon Todd 36lb 11oz, 3 Chris Mawer 31lb 11oz.

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