EASTWOOD'S ANGLING: Match fishing has returned and is proving popular

This week's angling update with Dave Eastwood...
Dave Eastwood.Dave Eastwood.
Dave Eastwood.

Match fishing has finally resumed and many local venues have opened up to competitions.

Fen Lakes in Metheringham had a busy weekend with matches on both lakes.

The Sleaford Legionnaires fished fen lake with carp few and far between but lots of silvers feeding.

Results: 1 Elliot Panell 46lb 13oz, 2 Taza Upton 23lb 6oz, 3 Graham Massum 21lb 9oz.

Meg lake hosted the open match with plenty of bites to be had despite a harsh frost.

Results: 1 Stephen Garrard 87lb, 2 Andy Mitchell 57lb 9oz, 3 Ray Pauley 46lb 4oz.

Open Matches are held every Thursday. Click here for details.

Angling is going through a boom with a huge increase in licence sales during 2020.

Sleaford tackle dealer Fishing Evolution has responded by doubling in size with a full refit.

Lots of tips and advice as well as the latest gear are available at the Hadley Road store.

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