EASTWOOD'S ANGLING: Respect nature and spawning fish this time of year

Dave Eastwood.Dave Eastwood.
Dave Eastwood.
Dave Eastwood takes a look at the local scene

Glorious weather greeted the county's coarse anglers over the weekend which has spurred our coarse fish into some early spawning.

We must be careful as anglers during this period so as not to disturb spawning fish.

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Let nature take its course and do not disturb them as they give themselves away rubbing against branches, lilies and rushes.

You may find some of your local waters close certain swims to allow for the spawning process.

If a fish is disturbed and becomes 'spawn bound' this can become fatal so please show respect to nature.

On the match fishing front, there were some fish that still wanted to feed rather than indulge in annual nuptials.

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The Lincat Angling Club made their way to Wold View near Market Rasen with Andrew Bull enjoying a bumper day fishing both long and short on the pole for a winning weight of 133lb.

Josh Read continues his good run of form for second and 69lb 3oz Completing the frame was Nigel Wood with 55lb 15oz.

The Black Bull Angling Club jumped cross border into Notts for their latest round at Portland Fishery.

It was a new venue for me, but I managed to find a number of chub on the waggler, followed by carp on the inside edge to win this round.

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Dave Eastwood (79lb 6oz) second Kevin Smith (60lb) and completing the frame in third, Jason Nicholson (59lb 11oz)

The latest open event at Westwood Lakes has started to see some big match names practicing for the upcoming festivals.

On Skylark Ryan Lidgard made the journey and took the spoils fishing hard pellet long, followed by margin fish late to win with 132lb 7oz.

John Gooden (72lb 14oz) and Trevor Lee (70lb 2oz) completed the frame.

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Evening matches are now commencing at Woodland Waters Ancaster on a Wednesday Evening.

Contact Lakeside Angling Supplies for details and to book on.

For any catch reports or match results email [email protected]

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