Five wins in one week for Sleaford Town Bowls Club

This week's round-up, by Edward Bird...
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Sleaford Town Bowls Club secured five wins from six matches this week.

Against Cranwell in the Sleaford League KO Cup, Town won on three to succeed 93-63.

At Cranwell, Mick Jarrald, Joan Gilbert and Ken Dye lost 19-23 but Jackie Wareham, Richard White and Bas Gilbert won 24-14.

At home, Linda Morris, Gwen Campbell and David Campbell won 24-17 and Jayne Brown, Neil Thomas and Kris Moore won 35-9.

At home to Washingborough in the EBA league only one rink won but secured the match by two shots 53-51 to gain six points to four.

Results: Neil Thomas, Andrew Morris, Les Bunn and Andrew Bird won 25-17, John Parker, Gwen Campbell, Waylon Clarke and Neal Mapletoft lost 16-19, Martin Titley, David Thomas, David Campbell and Kris Moore lost 12-15.

At Long Bennington B in the ASC Metals League there was one winning rink to gain two points to the hosts’ eight (44-59).

Results: Robert Mitchell, David Thomas and Waylon Clarke won 24-15, Linda Morris, Andrew Morris and Gwen Campbell lost 3-27, Richard White, Neil Thomas and Kris Moore lost 16-17.

At Moorlands Railway in the City League only one winning rink was enough to secure the aggregate score and six points to the hosts’ four (65-50).

Results: John Parker, Martin Titley and Kris Moore won 33-8, Peter Stokes, David Campbell and Neal Mapletoft lost 17-20, Andrew Morris, Les Bunn and Andrew Bird lost 15-22.

At Cranwell in the Sleaford League all three rinks won to take 10 points (66-38).

Results: Robin Wilson, Richard White and David Thomas won 30-6, Gwen Campbell, Finley Campbell and David Campbell won 20-17, Mick Jarrald, Jackie Wareham and Bas Gilbert won 16-15.

Away at Billinghay in the Sleaford League, two winning rinks secured the aggregate score 52-49 for eight points.

Results: Ruth Bird, Joan Gilbert and Gwen Campbell won 18-14, James Wiswould, Neil Thomas and Ken Dye won 22-16, Mick Jarrald, Brian Srawley and Bas Gilbert lost 13-19.