Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club enjoy latest leisure ride

Gainsborough Aegir Cycling club’s Sunday Leisure Ride was a short 15 mile ride due to the wet cold conditions, the riders followed Cycling UK Coronavirus guide lines
Ride organiser Trevor Halstead.Ride organiser Trevor Halstead.
Ride organiser Trevor Halstead.

The riders departed Roseway in Gainsborough heading out of town to Morton then followed the River Trent passing through Walkerith, arriving in East Stockwith the ride headed across county to Pilham then returned to Gainsborough along the A631 arriving in town along the Belt Road and Spital Terrace.

The rides over the Christmas & new year will be Sunday 20th Riders choice departing Roseway 9.30am,Christmas Day & (26th) Boxingday departing Rosway 10am. Sunday 27th riders choice departing Rosway 9.30am, New year Day riders choice departing Roseway 10am.

Riders must contact Trevor Halstead at Gainsborough Cycles 20 Ropery Road Gainsborough or telephone 01427 617752, the route of the ride is chosen at Roseway before departure. Rider numbers are limited to allow for Cycling UK Coronavirus guide lines.More information can be found on Facebook Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club.