Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club take part in latest leisure ride

Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club Sunday ride was a 35 mile morning ride.

Left to right Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club members, Maxine Downes, Barry Markham, Geoff Garner and Trevor Halstead heading towards Laughton Woods on Carr Lane.

Departing Roseway in Gainsborough Town Centre the riders headed to Morton.

Arriving at Walkerith the ride progressed alongside the River Trent heading through East Stockwith.At Wildsworth the riders then progressed through Laughton Woods to Susworth Road, the ride then made its way to Scotter.

Departing Scotter the riders made their way to Kirton in Lindsay, then progressed to Grayingham Crossroads.

Heading south, Grayingham, Blyborough and Willoughton were passed through to arrive at the A631.Departing from the main road the riders headed through Springthorpe and Heapham.

A lunch stop was made at Sturgate Airfield Cafe with time to view the interesting aircraft. The ride then resumed heading through Upton before following Long Lane returning into Gainsborough along Heapham Road.

A cool sunny morning, the Heather in Laughton Woods looked splendid and the fields looked different with the harvest in and some drilled with next year’s crop. The next event is on Sunday 19th September 2021 – Reliability Ride options of 20 miles, 32 miles, 50 miles, 75 miles or 100 miles departing 20 Ropery Road, Gainsborough at 9.30am.

The Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club has a new list of events through to February 2022 For more information talk to Trevor Halstead at Gainsborough Cycles 20 Ropery Road Gainsborough or telephone 01427 617752More information can be found on Facebook Gainsborough Aegir Cycling Club.