Gold Tops turn on the style in Development Series

The second of this season's Tommy Clay Track and Field Development Series events was well supported with representatives from the south of Lincolnshire and neighbouring counties competing in a range of events, hosted by Boston and District AC.

Louise Hirst secured two seconds.
Louise Hirst secured two seconds.

At under 17 level, BADAC’s McKye Bird recorded 12.3secs to win the 100m and finished first in the 400m (66.8 secs).

Under 20 Luke Saunders clocked 13.2 secs in the 100m and 66.9 secs over 400m and finished the 1,500m in a time of 5 mins 24.6 secs.

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Georgia Ward produced a personal best 9.24m to win the under 17 shot with Megan Reid second (6.49m).

Megan threw the javelin 13.88m and finished fourth in long jump (3.88m).

Louise Hirst was second over 80m hurdles (14.1 secs) and in long jump (4.93m).

Hannah Hardwick clocked 16.5 secs for 80m hurdles, 14.9 secs over 100m and 78.9 secs for 400m.

In the under 15s, Julia Paluch won the 75m hurdles 14.5 secs and in the equivalent race for the boys over 80m Patrick McNally crossed the finish line second in 15.6 secs.

He also finished third in long jump (4.70m) and third in the mixed ages 1,500m (5 mins 42.3 secs).

Jack Clark Atkins won the long jump (4.87m) and claimed second in shot (7.16m) and javelin (18.37m).

Hayden Quantrill was second the long jump (4.87m) and won 100m (12.7 secs) and shot (7.81m).

Isabelle Reid recorded 6.23m in shot and 13.28m in javelin.

Under 13 Kirsten Richardson won the 70m hurdles (16.5 secs) and finished fifth in the mixed age 1,500m (6 mins 53.3 secs).

Kirsten also claimed third in the under 13 long jump (3.25m).

Isabella Pike was third in the 70m hurdles (16.9 secs) and recorded (2.70m) in long jump and 6.68m in javelin.

The first three competitors across the finish line at the end of 75m hurdles were all Gold Tops with Devan Quantrill the winner in 16.0 secs, Damian McNally second in 18.8 secs and Rubern Frost-Ware third in 21.0 secs.

Devan was runner-up in the 100m (15.0 secs) and shot (4.19m).

Damian won the shot putt (4.43m) and the javelin (11.02m).

Noel Donnelly Coles was second in javelin (6.59m), third in shot (3.37m) and fourth in 100m (15.6 secs).

Five BADAC under 11 representatives competed with a measure of success.

Jacob Creasey won the 80m (13.7 secs) and claimed third in the 600m (2 mins 38.7 secs).

Lucy Ambrose was third (first girl) over 80m (14.1 secs) and in the same position in long jump (2.66m).

Mia Clark Atkins was second in both long jump (2.76m) and whizzer (10.22m), plus fifth in 80m (14.9 secs).

Oliver Pike finished fourth in both 80m (14.5 secs) and 600m (2 mins 51.1 secs) and Lexi Anderson recorded 16.6 secs for 80m and 1.91m for long jump.

In the under nines, Lennon Teague won 75m (13.2 secs), 150m (26.3 secs), whizzer (21.02m) and came second in long jump (2.70m).

Flynn Donnelly Coles won the long jump (2.74m), and came second in 75m (13.7secs) and whizzer (14.23m).

Charlie Shaw produced encouraging performances in sprints (14.5 secs and 30.8 secs) and long jump (2.63m).

Emily Ward was clear winner of the long jump (2.44m) and finished second in both whizzer (8.11m) and 150m (27.2 secs).

Ada Martin was second in long jump (2.33m) and fifth in both sprints.

Rosalie Barker was third (first girl) over 75m (13.9 secs), in the same position in long jump (1.48m) and fourth in 150m.

Ellis Richardson set a series of best performances in his track and field efforts.