Jackson leads Skegness and District runners home at Biscathorpe cross country event

Club out in force

SADRC runners at Biscathorpe
SADRC runners at Biscathorpe

Skegness and District RC members travelled to Biscathorpe for the 2022 Cross Country Championships.

Biscathorpe is the ultimate, unforgiving cross country route, boasting everything you need from hills and water to tree jumps.

The men’s race was first to run the 10k course.

First back for the club was Paul Jackson, with Luke Haynesand Ed Crawford following him over the line.

Crossing the line first for the ladies was Alice Hockman, who ran with strength and speed.

Sarah Dowling finished second for the club followed by Lora Hawkins.

Julie Goodwin was in third position for the ladies, but then went the wrong way.

Runners from Skegness were among the participants at the Revesby Run Series.

The five and 10-mile races are organised by Trident Sports Events.

More than 200 runners congregated at the Revesby Main Yard.

In conditions that at best could be described as challenging, the runners set out to tackle the demanding mix terrain courses.

Results: Five-mile - 18 Lee St Quinton (Skegness Tri) 42:23; 22 John Strode (Coasters) 43:12; 24, Sarah Dowling (SADRC) 44:13; 29 Fran Stimson (SADRC) 45:12, 49 Emma Hall (SADRC) 50:27; 54 Tracey Collings (SADRC) 52:11; 55 Robin Harrison (SADRC) 52:18; 61 Claire Draper (Skegness Tri) 53:00; 63 Graham Farley (SADRC) 54:05; 66 Andy Mackinder (SADRC) 54:25; 67 Harriet Smith (SADRC) 54:28; 70 Shannon Boyall (SADSRC) 54:36; 80 Louise Darrington (SADRC) 59:22; 85 Elaine Broomfield (SADRC) 1:00:59; 91 Rebecca Hobson (SADRC) 1:02:35; 92 Roenel Kenyon (SADRC) 1:02:35; 98 Susan Strode (Coasters) 1:05:37; 104 Helena Shelton (SADRC) 1:07:51; 108 Julie Croft (Coasters) 1:09:07; 112 Elaine Blair (SADRC) 1:12:19; Ten-mile - 4 Mark Sands (SADRC) 1:09:41; 8 Brian Darrington (SADRC) 1:12:37; 17 Angela Thompson (SADRC) 1:17:39; 29 Dave Kenyon (SADRC) 1:25:53; 48 Lauren Johnson (Coasters) 1:35:33; 55 Helen Kennedy (Coasters) 1:39:44; 57 Julie Franklin (SADRC) 1:40:29; 58 Amy Lambley (SADRC) 1:40:29; 78 Sue Smith (Coasters) 1:51:10; 87 Carole Tumber (Coasters)