Runners reach marvellous milestones just as GOMAD begins

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Jane Martin and Robin Harrison.Jane Martin and Robin Harrison.
Jane Martin and Robin Harrison.

Two runners are celebrating marvellous milestones.

Horncastle’s Robin Harrison reached two whole years of running every day on Monday and, last night, he and friends joined pal Jane Martin, from Coningsby, as she reached her one-year milestone.

“I just slipped by accident into daily running this time due to my inability to turn down monthly challenges,” said Robin, who is no stranger to long running streaks.

This stretch began on November 30 2019 in preparation for that year’s GOMAD - Go One Mile A Day - event which began the following day.

“After running throughout December a friend persuaded me to continue by doing Red January 2020 (Run Every Day).

“This meant I had run for 62 consecutive days so the daft side of me thought I may as well take it up to 100 days before stopping.

“During this time a friend of mine started holding monthly run, walk, cycle challenges, raising money for her rugby team.

“We were going through lockdown at that point so I jumped on the bandwagon and ran those monthly challenges which took me beyond half a year.

“At that point I thought I may as well just carry on as GOMAD 2020 was looming."

Robin aims to run at least 5k per day, but a mile is his minimum.

This has meant battling on through injury and illness at times.

However, during his two year streak Robin has taken on two ultra marathons - including one on his 60th birthday - clocking a total of 4,501.84 miles.

Robin also attempted to run a half marathon a day for one month, managing all but one day where he reached 11.2 miles.

Robin and Jane have both committed to running until the end of the year when GOMAD 2021 will come to an end.

GOMAD 2021 begins today encouaging people to walk, cycle, run a mile every day in December.

Further information about how you can join in throughout the month is available on the GOMAD Facebook page.

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