Runners ready to test themselves at Revesby race series

New venture by Trident Sports Events begins this weekend...
Ian Satchwell and Ben Marsters have launched Trident Sports Events.Ian Satchwell and Ben Marsters have launched Trident Sports Events.
Ian Satchwell and Ben Marsters have launched Trident Sports Events.

Athletes are being challenged to test their resolve over a four-race series on the Revesby Estate.

Round one begins on Sunday (November 7), with beginners and established runners alike ready to take on five and 10-mile challenges.

This weekend’s event will not only be the first race in the series but also the first organised by Trident Sports Events, a new venture by Ian Satchwell and Ben Marsters.

“We wanted to start our business venture with a statement event that would offer a real challenge and sense of purpose,” Ian said.

“Trident Sports Events was born from with the simple vision of making every competitor feel like a superstar. We want our events to be slick, professional and high calibre and the venue at Revesby presented us a unique opportunity to fulfil this with a truly idyllic backdrop.

“We would like to thank Peter Wiggins-Davies and the team at Revesby Estate, particularly Tom Winspear, who have been instrumental in helping this new venture become a reality.”

Further races will be staged on December 28, as well as March 6 and May 29 next year, allowing competitors to test themselves against their own previous times as well as other runners.

“The Revesby Run series gives runners the opportunity to take on a five or 10 mile route that will offer a unique ‘complete’ running experience, from fast tarmac sections, through gravel tracks and through breath-taking cross-country sections that will showcase the best nature has to offer,” Ian added.

“Also, both routes will not have a cut-off allowing competitors of all abilities to thoroughly enjoy the experience and not have any pressure.

“We really hope this will encourage the beginners through to the seasoned athletes to come take on the challenge.

“Another unique aspect of the series is that entrants will be able to track their progress over the seven months that the races span, hopefully helping keep people motivated and on their feet.”

Ensuring the course was a test for both experienced and new runners was high on the agenda.

Ian explained: “A big part of the Trident Sports Events ethos is our events are aimed to bring people together and create an active community for reasons ranging from fitness, competition, charity, fun or simply just to finish.

“We really want our events to have the professional feel of high level competition but made available for everyone.”

Trident Sports Events are planning on staging future running and cycling races in the near future.

Details about the events - including how to enter - are available at

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