Simulator helps defeat the rain for Lincs golfers

With the British weather being typically unpredictable and the spring sunshine still few and far between, two Lincolnshire Golf Clubs utilised simulators to schedule a golf match and highlight there’s always a way to play the sport.
Lincolnshire's golfers can still hone their skills even in bad weather.Lincolnshire's golfers can still hone their skills even in bad weather.
Lincolnshire's golfers can still hone their skills even in bad weather.

Continuous heavy rain looked to have scuppered any plans for Boston Golf Club to take on South Kyme Golf Club, but thanks to England Golf’s affiliation programme, in which the country’s governing body for the sport is teaming up with facilities across the country to enable access to all forms of the game, the two clubs in question faced off via a simulator at Golf Haven in Boston, Lincolnshire.

Although a friendly match, the fun evening of golf allowed for a game played in competitive spirits between 20 golfers despite the inclement weather, whilst also enjoying the key social benefits of the sport. In a closely-fought contest, Boston came out on top with a narrow 3-2 victory in the five matches played, but the real winner of the evening was the ability for the game to be played utilising state-of-the-art simulators which allow golfers of all abilities and ages to perfect their skills in a different environment from being out on the course.

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Research shows that golf is played by approximately 8.5 million people every year in England, with half of that number playing solely at facilities such as those available via the facility affiliation programme, including facilities such as driving ranges, short courses, par-3 courses, pitch and putt courses, simulator venues and adventure golf venues.

Speaking following the match, James Hodgson Director of Golf Haven and Boston Golf Club captain said:

“Boston GC has always had a good relationship with South Kyme, playing numerous league and friendly matches over the years and personally being close friends with the captain of South Kyme, Andy Louth. Andy suggested we should make a night of it and get our teams together, obviously something we aren’t able to organise for outside at the moment.

“I think most of the golfers who played had already been on the simulators before. We’ve done numerous Sunday tournaments which have been very successful, but this was the first actual match played here. The main difference we’ve noticed is how social it is. When you’re on the course you get to talk to the people in your four-ball. Here, because everyone is playing in the same room, it's much easier to talk between groups and see other people’s shots.

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“With the unpredictable weather that we get in the UK, these facilities are a huge benefit. I truly feel that Golf Haven has extended the local golf season to the full year round. I couldn’t guess how many days the course has been closed this winter in Lincolnshire, but I'd wager that a good percentage of them have been closed more than they are open.”

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