Sleaford Town bowlers make it three wins from four

The Sleaford Town bowlers were back on form last week, producing three wins from their four matches.

At home against Dunholme in the City League, Town won on all rinks with an aggregate score of 80-40 for 12 points.

John Parker, Ken Irwin and Trevor Cope won 30-13, Martin Titley, Kris Moore and Richard Barnes won 23-12, and Robin Wilson, Peter Stokes and Andrew Bird won 27-15,

* Sleaford had to give seven shots away at home to Long Bennington in the ASC Metals Handicap Cup, but won on all three rinks to reach the next round with an aggregate shots score of 62 to 45.

David Thomas, Neil Mapletoft and Kris Moore won 23-16, Cecelia Faulkner, Gwen Annison and Gwen Campbell won 20-16, and Ruth Bird, Brian Srawley and Andrew Bird won 19-16.

* In the Woodhall Spa Friendly League, two rink wins gave Town a four points to two win at home to Sleaford Bristol.

Joan Gilbert, Bas Gilbert and Ken Irwin won 35-3, while Ken Dye, Richard White and Kris Moore won 23-10, but having built a seven-shot lead against Lyn

Muxlow’s set of Eileen Chambers and Mary Thomas, the rink of Mick Jarrald, David Thomas and Brian Srawley didn’t score again and lost 15-16.

* Playing Helpringham in the Sleaford League Knockout Cup on a two home and two away format, the town lost on three rinks and went down 103-66 in aggregate.

Away from home, Ken Dye, Brian Srawley and Kris Moore drew 23-all, while Joan Gilbert, Julie Cope and Neil Mapletoft narrowly lost 19-20.

In Sleaford, Jackie Wareham, Mick Jarrald and Bas Gilbert lost 3-34, and Cecilia Faulkner, David Thomas and Ken Irwin lost 21-26.