St Michael’s retain title as Louth Academy hosts athletics festival

Louth Academy was buzzing as it hosted around 270 children from local primary schools for a sports hall athletics sports festival.

Larger school winners St Michael's EMN-191212-131222002
Larger school winners St Michael's EMN-191212-131222002

The event was split into two, with smaller primary schools competing against each other in the morning, and larger schools taking their turn in the afternoon.

Six smaller primary schools took along teams of 15 pupils to compete in a variety of disciplines, including running, throwing and jumping.

Grasby School eventually emerged as the winners.

Erin Lyon (North Cockerington Primary) in rhe relay. Picture: Sean Spencer/Hull News & Pictures EMN-191212-125948002

The larger schools fielded teams of 30 pupils, with St Michael’s School, of Louth, retaining their title, closely followed by Lacey Gardens in second, and Market Rasen a close third.

Other schools involved were Caistor Primary, Kidgate Academy, and Grimoldby Primary, competing to see who would finish ‘Top of the Wolds’.

Headteacher Paul Fox said: “The whole event was held in a wonderful atmosphere and in great spirit, with everyone cheering on team-mates whatever the result.”

St Michael’s will now represent the Wolds Area in the County Finals next July.

Lacey-Mai Saunders, of Binbrook Primary, sprints for the finish. Picture: Sean Spencer/Hull News & Pictures EMN-191212-130008002

Tim Lowe, curriculum leader for PE at Louth Academy, said: “The primary schools sports hall athletics is a fantastic event for all involved.

“It was also an excellent opportunity for our newly-selected Sports Leaders to gain valuable experience in assisting with the delivery of a large sporting competition.

“Our Sports Leaders were outstanding throughout, demonstrating a high level of professionalism which helped create a fantastic atmosphere for the pupils to compete and thrive in.”

Lilli Wrisdale, of North Cockerington Primary in the Speed bounce with with Louth Academy Year 10 sports Leaders, from left, Maya-Grace Moncaster, Scarlett Norman and Molly Donaldson. Picture: Sean Spencer/Hull News & Pictures EMN-191212-130020002
Harry Kane takes part in the standing long jump. Picture: Sean Spencer/Hull News & Pictures EMN-191212-130036002