Strollers and Nomads win epics in Boston Indoor Winter Bowls League

Two epic tussles in the Orchard Health Group Division One of the Evening League at Boston Indoor Bowling Club saw 4-2 results in favour of Strollers and Nomads, with the shot aggregate taken by one shot and three shots respectively.
Strollers and Nomads enjoyed 4-2 wins after cracking matches.Strollers and Nomads enjoyed 4-2 wins after cracking matches.
Strollers and Nomads enjoyed 4-2 wins after cracking matches.

Against IBC, Strollers took Alan Everitt’s rink 17-15, having opened up a seven-shot lead, but lost the other 16-17 to IBC skip Steve Skelton in a contest where the advantage swung both ways and required 6 shots over the last three ends to win it.

Nomads beat Parthians taking Derek Smith’s rink 15-11 after leading throughout. Parthians with Pete Bedford took the other rink 14-13 after a purple patch of 11 shots scored between ends 9 and 13, but then had to withstand a final burst of 6 shots from the opponents over the final ends.

Elsewhere, there were 6-0 wins for Holland Fen, Invaders, Breakaways and Cosmos.

Division leaders Holland Fen beat Royal Mail 25-9 and, in a closer match, 20-12.

Second-placed Invaders beat Golfers convincingly on both rinks, 35-4 and 27-12.

Breakaways faced A40, two places higher in the table, winning 19-18 in a closely competitive game on one rink, and 20-11 by virtue of dominating the last 6 ends 13-2 on the other.

Hotspurs had their chances against Cosmos, one place above them, but eventually lost on both rinks, 20-11 and 17-10.

The four teams topping the Cammacks Second Division are separated by just three points after the latest round of matches.

Central are top having beaten Amateurs 6-0 with scores of 24-9 for Carol Nundy and 21-10 for Fred Epton.

Dynamics, in second, took four points off Vikings, Graham Wilkinson’s rink winning well, 31-8. John Millership for Vikings dominated the second half of the game on the other rink to win 25-11.

The Burtons beat The Desperados 4-2 to go into third spot, winning one rink 21-8. The other went to Desperados 15-14 in a tightly fought battle.

Woodpeckers posted their best result so far, beating Vectors 4-2, taking one rink convincingly 27-10. Vectors won the other 14-5.

Finally, Shipmates triumphed over Phantoms, 21-8 and 22-13.

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