The hard graft pays off as Tom Chenery claims first bodybuilding title

Mayhem Gym owner wants to inspire others as he goes from 'chubby' kid to champ
Tom Chenery in Maidenhead.Tom Chenery in Maidenhead.
Tom Chenery in Maidenhead.

Tom Chenery has made the amazing transition from self-confessed ‘chubby’ kid to title winning bodybuilder.

The 33-year-old has claimed a victory and second place at two UK competitions, something he described as an ‘emotional rollercoaster’.

He claimed first place in the men’s physique category at Maidenhead’s 2 Bros Pro 10X Kingdom Classic - only his third time on stage - before taking second spot in the same section at the Physical Culture Association Saxon Classic in Peterborough on Sunday.

“I’m really pleased. You prep for these shows for about 18 weeks of hard graft, just for maybe three or four minutes on the stage,” said Tom, who runs the town’s Mayhem Gym.

“It’s a big emotional rollercoaster.”

Those 18 weeks are not just about lifting weights but watching the diet and getting the correct amount of cardio exercise in each day.

“I came second at Maidenhead last year and with the win I felt like I achieved what I wanted,” added Tom, whose idols are Arnold Schwarzenegger and current Mr Olympia Chris Bumsted.

“I’m very happy with that.

“I’ve trained since I was 18 years of age. I got a lot of stick at school for being quite chubby so that inspired me.

“I thought I’d give it (bodybuilding) a go and quite enjoyed it.

“After that I got told I had a lot of potential and when you hear that you want to fulfil your potential.

“But the main thing for me is trying to inspire the (gym) members who see the journey I’m going on and maybe think they could do something like that as well.”

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