Tough start goes on for Sleaford Town bowlers

Sleaford Town Bowls Club took part in four matches last week, winning one and losing three.

In the ASC Metals League at Eslaforde Park, Town lost on all rinks, and 32-67 on overall shots aggregate for no points.

Andrew Morris, Brian Srawley and Gwen Campbell lost 11-25, Linda Morris, Bas Gilbert and Kris Moore lost 12-19, and David Thomas, Calum Campbell and Neil Mapletoft went down 9-25.

* In the City League against Moorlands/Rail, the Town again lost all three rinks.

Robin Wilson, Ken Irwin and Andrew Bird were defeated 17-19, Andrew Morris, Neil Mapletoft and Kris Moore were beaten 11-15, while Martin Titley, Peter Stokes and Richard Barnes lost 15-28.

* Away at Cranwell in the Woodhall Friendly League, two winning rinks gave the Town four points to the hosts’ two points.

Robin Wilson, Brian Srawley and Mick Faulkner won 34-10, while Jackie Wareham, Richard White and Bas Gilbert were victorious 23-14.

The losing rink was Cecilia Faulkner, Mick Jarrald and Ken Irwin (12-17), but Town comfortably took the aggregate score 79-41.

* In the EBA National Two Fours, the Town travelled to play Skegness Foreshore at the Sun Castle green.

But Sleaford lost out on both rinks, and the aggregate by 28-39.

The quartet of Andrew Morris, Ken Irwin, Richard Barnes and Andrew Bird lost on the last end by just one shot, 16-17, and the four of Richard White, Mick Faulkner, Kris Moore and Trevor Cope were defeated 12-22.