Tournament success for Lincolnshire Bombers

The Lincolnshire Bombers American Football Academy hosted an under 16s tournament, with Scunthorpe Alphas and Yorkshire Assassins visiting Memorial Hall, Hykeham.
Quarterback Dave Willumsen drops back.Quarterback Dave Willumsen drops back.
Quarterback Dave Willumsen drops back.

They showed their nerves in the opening game as the Bombers’ offense made several mistakes on their first drives.

But the defence, led by captain and GB free safety, Rory Humphries, repeatedly stopped the Alphas offence.

Gradually the Bombers’ offence improved with offensive touchdowns from Zach Taylor, Kaehle Toledo, Dave Willumsen and Chris Atkinson to win 36-6.

The match against the Assassins followed a similar route to the Bombers’ first game with offense

struggling to gain any momentum and the defence keeping the Bombers in the game.

Touchdowns from Kaehle Toledo (two) and Kyle Stephenson saw the contest levelled at 19-19 before Chris Atkinson ran the ball back for the winning touchdown.

The Bombers’ senior team beat South Lincolnshire Lightning 53-0 to lead the NFC2 South.