Tulips give Flinders Flyers the Blues

Boston Netball Winter League action, by Annie Theed...
Netball round up. Photo: David DalesNetball round up. Photo: David Dales
Netball round up. Photo: David Dales

The bitter cold was no deterrent for the teams participating in the weekly Boston Netball Winter League as the teams took to the court.

Tulips Blue took on Flinders Flyers in an evenly-matched game, before the Blues built on their slender lead to win 35-16.

Tulips Yellow played against Flexibirds Falcons in a fast-paced game that saw the Falcons turnover a few passes to lead by the end of the first . But the Yellows went on to secure a 20-16 success.

Belles Rubies took on Boltz Sky, with both sides converting what looked to be almost impossible shots.

Rubies forged on ahead to win 34-16.

In the A League, Belles Diamonds took on Boltz Silver.

From the first whistle to the last all 14 players on court put on an exhilarating display of great netball.

Belles had a moment of crisis when their goal shooter injured her ankle when attempting to get the ball from a rebound.

With no substitute on the bench it was a hold-your-breath moment.

Luckily, however, the competitor was able to walk it off and was soon back in the game.

The shooters from Boltz expertly worked the ball round, passing outside the circle when they needed to and moving swiftly into a better position to optimise the shot successfully.

As the clock ticked down both teams felt the pressure to make every pass count and to attempt to win possession from the other team.

It was Boltz Silver that took the victory 23-21 at the end of a great game.

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