Uneven week of matches in Boston Indoor Bows League

Eleven matches across both divisions in the Evening League at Boston Indoor Bowling Club last week saw 6-0 wins in ten of them, with hotshots being scored in four of the matches.
One of the winning Holland Fen rinks, with Keith Tointon, Katy Tointon and Martin TomlinOne of the winning Holland Fen rinks, with Keith Tointon, Katy Tointon and Martin Tomlin
One of the winning Holland Fen rinks, with Keith Tointon, Katy Tointon and Martin Tomlin

In the Orchard Health Group First Division, second-placed Invaders beat Strollers, who are third, on both rinks, as did Nomads, fifth, who got the better of IBC, in fourth.

Scott Whyers’ Invaders rink had control of their game from the start as they built a 26-3 lead, including a hotshot, although Strollers reduced the margin slightly towards the end to give a final scoreline of 31-13. Ian Tebbs on the other rink gradually pulled away to post a 23-12 win.

Nomads started well against IBC on both rinks, building useful leads. IBC responded by catching, then sneaking ahead on each rink, before Nomads finished well to claim two wins. Derek Smith’s rink won 20-15, including a hotshot on the second end, and Mel Maddison’s 14-11.

Leaders Holland Fen faced A40, sixth, and held the advantage in two closely fought games to win 20-12 on Martin Tomlin’s rink, with Keith Tointon and Katy Tointon in support, while Ian Clark, Sue Simpson-Shaw and Les Feary won 16-12.

Breakaways had their best win since early October as they beat Dynamics 6-0. Mike Rymer’s rink took control of their game from the eighth end to run out 23-12 winners. Dynamics were two shots ahead in a closely contested game on the second rink with two ends to go, before Breakaways skip Mark Brown won the final ends with a 4, then a 3, to grab the win 21-17.

Royal Mail won against Burtons. Geoff Taylor’s rink pulled away convincingly from the fourth end to win 26-10, while Keith Sharp’s rink had a harder game, eventually winning 18-13.

Golfers moved up one place to tenth after beating Parthians, three places above them, 4-2. David Marshall won 23-16 for Golfers with the help of a hotshot on the tenth end of an otherwise close game. Parthians skip Richard Keeling was 5-12 down midway through the game but recovered to win 18-16 by the end.

All five results in the Cammacks Second Division ended 6-0, including wins for the four top teams, Hotspurs, Central, Desperados and Optimists.

Hotspurs met Shipmates. Mike Long’s rink were dominant from the start and won 31-8. Mike Nelson’s rink largely had control of the game after a slowish start and won 22-12.

Central took all the points from Vectors to remain 12 points adrift of Hotspurs in the league table. Peter Copeland’s rink established an early lead and built on it to win 23-8. Fred Epton was 6-8 down after nine ends, then controlled the scoring to win 17-12 at the end.

Desperados remain 2 points behind Central after beating Phantoms on both rinks, Dean Harris winning 31-8 and John Melles 23-11

Optimists won both rinks against Kingfishers with scores of 33-7 and 24-9 and are a further 2 points behind Desperados.

Finally, Amateurs’ recent good form continued as they took all the points against Woodpeckers to move into fifth. Trevor Coulson, Tony Nixon and Dick Dickings won 35-4, and scored a second hotshot in six weeks. Going into the last end, Jeff Homewood’s rink were 9-10 down, but three shots scored gave them victory 12-10.

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