Whitewash in Friendly League for Sleaford Town Bowls Club

This week's scores...
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Sleaford Town Bowls Club were involved in four matches this week.

Away at Mareham-Le-Fen in the Woodhall Friendly League, all three rinks won to take six points.

Mick Faulkner, Jayne Brown and Julie Cope won 19-17.

Teammates Robin Wilson, Mick Jarrald and Brian Srawley won 21-15 while Cecilia Faulkner, Graeme Brown and Richard White won 25-10.

Away at Helpringham in the Sleaford League, two winning rinks won four points.

However, the aggregate was lost 48-75.

David Campbell, Finley Campbell and Gwen Campbell won 19-10 in their match up and Cecilia Faulkner, Neil Thomas and David Thomas won by one shot, 22-21.

However, Joan Gilbert, Bas Gilbert and Richard White lost 7-44.

At home against Eslaforde Park in the Sleaford League - one set drew, one won and one lost.

The aggregate was lost by five shots 45-50.

Jackie Wareham, Bas Gilbert and Richard white won 17-14, Robin Wilson, Jayne Brown and Graeme Brown drew 17-17.

Cecilia Faulkner, Mick Faulkner and Gillian Annison lost 11-19.

Town took three points to the visitors’ seven.

Away at Harby in the City Handicap Cup, the home side were given 29 shots.

However, Town won the match by nine shots.

Neil Thomas, Andrew Bird and Les Bunn won 33-12, Andrew Morris, Neal Mapletoft and Trevor Cope won 28-18.

Completing the victory, John Parker, David Thomas and Kris Moore won 27-16.