Whitley Bay victory for the Skinner loft

Assisted by a strong north north-west wind, pigeons sent to Whitley Bay by members of Boston and District Flying Club raced home over 155 miles at speeds of 60 miles an hour.
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Winners for the second successive week were the husband and wife partnership of Russ and Denise Skinner.

Results: 1 Mr and Mrs R Skinner 1780 yards per minute, 2 Mr and Mrs B Garnham 1759, 3 Hardy and Burt 1734, 4 Gough and Reed 1722, 5 Mr and Mrs Skinner 1707, 6

Gough and Reed 1702.941, 7 Mr and Mrs Skinner 1702.734, 8 Mr and Mrs Garnham 1685, 9 and 10 C and C Maddison 1655 and 1643, 11 Gough and Reed 1609, 12 Hardy and Burt 1559.

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