Poker in the Pit: Week 7

Welcome to this week’s poker blog. The big event of last week in Las Vegas was the 7 card stud tournament where 168 players paid $10,000 to battle it out for a prize pool of $1,579,200.

After chopping through a strong field of 166 players, Phil Hellmuth was unable to add to his record 11 WSOP bracelets and was beaten heads up, collecting a purse of $273,233. Eric Rodawig from Viginia won the event collecting $442,138 and his first ever WSOP bracelet.

All eyes now turn to the $10,000 Pot Limit Omaha Championship on Friday as we come even closer to the one we’ve all been waiting for, The World Series Of Poker Main Event 2011.

Now for this weeks questions.

What is table image and how do I use mine to my advantage? Neil Simmons, Retford

Your table image is how you are perceived by the rest of the table and is one of the most important things to master, particularly when playing with new people. If you’re someone who calls every hand and sees every flop then you’ll have a very weak table image which will make bluffing harder as people will view your hand with less sincerity. If you are a very tight player who only plays a very small percentage of hands then you’ll have a strong table image and bets will be met with thought as they will always put you on a hand. My advice would be mix your game up with folds, calls and bluffs and be choosy in your hand selection but most importantly, never reveal your cards when you don’t have to. This will keep your opponents guessing and put you in a strong position.

What is a pocket pair? Louise Fletcher, Carlton-in-Lindrick

Each player is dealt two cards at the start of the game that only they see. These are called hole cards. If these are paired then that is your pocket pair - 22, 33, 44 etc right through the AA. The higher the pair, the better the starting hand.

Could I justify quitting work and becoming a full time poker player? Graeme Wilson, Worksop

I don’t know Graeme as you haven’t stated any of your wins or losses. The fact you have asked the question would probably indicate no. As a basic guide line they say if after you’ve played 100,000 hands you’re in good profit, then you have a legitimate reason to. All I’d say is think very long and hard before choosing this life. Being a professional gambler has to be an instinct inside you rather than a choice. You have to take the bad with the good and always be prepared to fall flat on your face. Remember that the choice not only affects you. There aren’t many women who can hack being married to a poker player, just ask my wife. Also the sheer amount of time involved leaves little time for friends. Basically I’m trying to say that it’s not all sunshine and lollipops. It’s hard work and you will have to sacrifice a lot. Try reading Dave Ulliots autobiography called DEVIL FISH. He gives a really good insight into the life of a poker player. As for me….. There’s nothing I’d rather be doing.


Charge limpers tax!! If you have a good hand or feel that you are in front then bet out pre flop and make the players that choose to limp with awful cards, pay to see the flop. Let them in cheap and you might find later in the hand you’re caught out by a bad beat.

Thanks again to everyone who emailed questions and makes this blog possible. I will answer all questions even if I am unable to post on the blog.

Until next week, good luck at the tables!

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