Seven game winning streak halted


WORKSOP’S seven-game winning streak was finally ended at the English Institute of Sport last Thursday, after a thrilling one-point defeat by old rivals Hillsborough.

With Hillsborough having won seven of the nine previous meetings between the two clubs, Worksop knew they were in for a difficult night.

Hillsborough also arrived with a squad strengthened by a new 6ft 7ins American centre.

Coach Steve Lawes was unconcerned by the defeat.

Speaking after the match he said: “Sooner or later it was not going to be our night, but it was a great game to play in and we are still in a strong position at the top of the table so there is no need to beat ourselves up.”

“The fact they had to rely heavily on a player more at home in the higher echelons of the National League says a lot about our team.”

Injuries to starters Brett Shelton and Mark Boot in the third were a key factor in the loss, but an unusal source of encouragement for Lawes.

“When Brett (cut below the eye) and Mark (twisted knee) had to come out in quick succession, the rest of the team stepped up really well.”

“Then for Mark and Brett to both come back in for the closing minutes shows great determination and team spirit.”

Hillsborough led from the off and opened a 16-10 lead by the end of the first.

Worksop played a poor second period and slipped further behind to trail 18-31 at the half with Lawes (6) and Boot (4) leading the Worksop scoring.

Lawes’ men turned the game around with 22-8 third period to lead by one going into the final break, 40-39.

The fightback came at a cost though with Worksop’s top two defenders finding themselves on the bench injured by midway through the period.

The game stayed close throughout the final period, but Worksop were unable to stop Hillsborough’s new signing from taking them three clear with seconds to play.

Shelton came back on and laid in to reduce the deficit to one.

Hillsborough then turned the ball over at the other end but Worksop were unable to get a shot on target as the time ran out.

Worksop: Lawes 16, Boot 10, Shelton 8, Adam Kingswood 6, Luke Richardson 4, Jurijs Kamaltdinovs 4, Adam Drabble 2, Martins Evalds 2, Andy Fagan.