Sleaford Town Bowls Club bounce back from St Giles setbacks

A busy week for the Sleaford Town Bowls Club with seven matches played, four won and three lost.

They came away empty-handed from St Giles in the City League when all three rinks were lost and the aggregate 48-62.

With a player short, Kris Moore and Trevor Cope lost by two shots 18-20, as did Neil Mapletoft, Peter Stokes and Paul Jobson 16-18, while John Parker, Martin Titley and Richard Barnes wen down 14-24.

* Fortunes were reversed at Cranwell in the Sleaford League as three winning rinks took the aggregate 81-60 for 10 points.

Cecilia Faulkner, Ken Dry and Ken Irwin won 21-12, Linda Morris, Julie Cope and Roy Markham won 23-13, Joan Gilbert, Gillian Annison and Gwen Campbell won 23-13, but Clive Steadman, Mick Faulkner and Bas Gilbert were pipped by one shot 16-17.

* Hosting Washingborough in the City League, Town took eight points for two winning rinks and the aggregate 70-49.

Robin Wilson, Peter Stokes and Andrew Bird came through 29-6, John Parker, Roy Markham and Richard Barnes won 24-17, while Andrew Morris, Kris Moore and Neil Mapletoft lost 17-26.

* Back at St Giles in the District League, Town fared little better, winning only one rink for two points.

Rink scores: Ken Dye, Jackie Wareham, Bas Gilbert 17-15; Robin Wilson, Mick Faulkner, Roy Markham lost 16-22; Cecilia Faulkner, Gillian Annison, Ken Irwin lost 6-31.

* At Ruskington in the Woodhall Friendly League, two winning rinks earned four points in a 71-40 aggregate win.

Rink scores: Mick Jarrald, Clive Steadman, Mick Faulkner won 35-7; Jackie Wareham, Ken Dye, Bas Gilbert won 18-14; Cecilia Faulkner, Brian Srawley, Ken Irwin lost 18-19.

* At home to Helpringham in the Sleaford League, rink wins were shared two each, but the visitors took the aggregate by just four shots, 78-74.

Rink scores: Calum Campbell, Bas Gilbert, Ken Irwin won 25-12; Ken Dye, Neil Mapletoft, Kris Moore won 24-15; Joan Gilbert, Peter Stokes, Andrew Bird lost

17-24; Robin Wilson, Brian Srawley, Roy Markham lost 8-27.

* In the last match at home to Hykeham, two winning rinks won the game 57-45 for an eight-point haul.

Rink scores: Martin Titley, Ken Dye, Kris Moore, Neil Mapletoft won 19-14; Andrew Morris, Peter Stokes, Richard Barnes, Andrew Bird won 23-14; John Parker, Roger Neverson, Ken Irwin, Trevor Cope lost 15-17.

* The President’s Day competition at Town’s HQ will be held throughout Sunday. Food will be available and there will be a raffle.