The end is near for both titles in league

Gainsborough Table Tennis league, pictured is Zack Surtees (G130212-6e)Gainsborough Table Tennis league, pictured is Zack Surtees (G130212-6e)
Gainsborough Table Tennis league, pictured is Zack Surtees (G130212-6e)
With the Gainsborough and District Table Tennis League season in the closing stages, both championships have almost been decided.

In Division One Blitz Club Aardvarks are nine points clear thanks to a 7-3 win over bottom team and clubmates Bunnies.

The situation remains tight in Division Two.

League leaders Methodist Batmen beat Blues Club Knights 6-4 to put themselves four points clear of Blues Club Dynamics.

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But Dynamics, with two games in hand and a good rubber difference, still have a chance.

Blues Club Kestrels’ chances of glory have taken a back seat after Dynamics beat them 6-4 last week in what was a very close match.

Dynamics’ Joanne Bagshaw was forced to forfeit two games due to her disclocating a knee during her game against Steve Mason.

Joanne recovered enough to drive home but could not risk playing any more that evening.

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Results: Division One - Bunnies 3 (Kurt Hutson 1, James Wynne 1, plus doubles), Aardvarks 7 (Clive Mitchell 3, Paul Rodgers 3, John Mackey 1); Chunky Monkeys 6 (Paul Johnson 3, Steve Johnson 3), Beacons 4 (Dave Brumpton 1, Phil Dixon 1, Rob Garner 1, plus doubles); Aces 4 (Gary Adlington 1, 3 by default), Meteors 6 (Mick Tindall 3, Roy Ellis 2, plus doubles).

Division Two - Knights 4 (Dave Shelley 1, Barry Hodgson 1, Trevor Howdle 1, plus doubles), Batmen 6 (Mark Longstaff 3, Tom Lovely 3); Dynamics 6 (Mark Ayris 3, Neil Clayton 2, plus doubles), Kestrels 4 (Dave Mason 1, Brian Reed 1, 2 by default).

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