Time is running out to get a Leg-Up

Are you a sportsperson desperately in need of some equipment to help you fulfil your potential - whether it is a new bike, boat or other piece of additional kit?
The latest local sports news.The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

Perhaps there is a coaching course you have your eyes on, knowing it will transform your fortunes, but can’t stretch the budget to?

Maybe there is another financial barrier halting your progress?

If this is the case then help could well be at hand.

A group of friends, referring to themselves as the Leg-Up Club, are returning with their annual bursary this year.

The group, is looking to put forward around £2,000 to help promote a sporting talent in the area.

It is their intention that the cash will help make a difference to one or more sportspeople - who believe that the financial injection can help them take their ambitions to another level.

The Leg-Up Club come from a mixture of different sporting backgrounds, and they are open-minded as to which sport they are looking to support.

For a chance to be the recipient of the busary, you are asked to get in contact and explain why you feel you should receive a leg-up.

The group have teamed up with The Standard, and are appealing for anyone interested to get in contact.

To put yourself forward, or to nominate a sporting talent, email [email protected], outlining details about the individual, their sporting discipline, age, and what the money would be put towards.

The closing date for entries will be midnight on December 31.