Time to renew rod licenses yet again

IT’S time to renew your rod licences with the 2012-2013 season starting this Sunday.

There is the possibility of heavy fines for anyone who ignores this and fishes without one.

The cost for a full season freshwater licence is £27 with senior concessionary costing £18 and juniors (12-16) £5.

Under 12s are free.

The cost of a game licence is priced at £72 for full, £48concessionary £5 for juniors and again under 12s are free.

The licences are easily available at the post office or online so there is really no excuse not to have one.

Rob Allen over at Worksop United informs us that permits will be available from Monday 26th March and that they can be obtained from Ken Wards and Worksop Angling Supplies or from the bailiff on the bank.

Prices are £15 for adults and £7.50 for juniors, OAPS and ladies and the fishing is from Bracebridge to the old humpback bridge, Ranby.

Permit holders matches have now started on the Bracebridge section on Saturdays with the draw at 9am and fishing from 10am to 3pm.

The entry fee is £6 all in.

Staying with the Chesterfield canal our old friend Mick Simpson tells us that the Grafton AA season tickets are also up for grabs and run from the Shireoaks Road bridge down to Bracebridge and once again these are reasonably priced at £15 for adults and £7.50 for juniors and senior citizens.

Simon Short is taking the match bookings for the Grafton on 07874392663.

Additionally members are reminded that it is the AGM next Sunday at the Kilton Inn at 10.30am.

As a matter of interest for an adult to aquire either of these permits works out at a cost of less than 30 pence per week which is unbelieveable value whichever way you look at it.


SOME members from the Tuesday Club held a knock-up on the main lake at Lakeside where the in-form club ace Billy Richardson ran out the winner on peg 28 with 38lb 10oz of caster caught silver fish.

Mick Pogson took the runners-up position on peg 35 with 37lb 7oz employing pole fished pellet and Pete Scott made up the frame on peg 30 with 32lb 2oz taken on pole and maggot.

Rrecently retired new member Derek Brown won his section with 22lb 5oz.


STARTING at Lakeside in the latest round of the venue’s winter league, Pete Atkins claimed victory on peg 12 with a net of silverfish weighing 52lb 10oz taken on the maggot feeder.

Sundays R&R Spring League competion saw John Forster pole fish caster on peg 29a for a winning mixed net of 109lb 11oz with D.J. Angling holding a contest on the second strip.

Jack Shillitoe claimed victory on peg 4 with 48lb 9oz taken on pole and pellet.

On the carp lake Garry Croft landed six specimens which included a mirror of 24lb 10oz off peg 3 on his cell boilies.

Over on the trout lake Ian Hallywell slipped his landing net under 17 fish to 8lb on his gold headed damsel on a sinking line.

Neil Patterson banked 14 fish to 6lb tempted on his cats whisker cast on a floating line.

Down the road at Lodge Farm, Tuesday’s open event on the signal saw Steve Bingham land 66lb 9oz on peg 7 on his method feeder with Garry Bingham in second weighing 52lb 7oz on peg 10 using the same tactics.

Wednesday saw the veterans compete on the lily pond with Andy Hill pole or waggler fishing the pellet on peg 65 to put a winning net together of 38lb 1oz just ahead of John Gunn who netted 35lb 14oz on peg 6 on pole fished caster.

Thursday saw the participants move on to the field pond where Simon Short led the way on peg 38 fishing the pellet feeder for 61lb 8oz ahead of Mick Hall who pole fished corn on peg 4 weighing 43lb 5oz.

In Saturday’s contest Ray Davis triumphed on peg 39 pole fishing pellet for 63lb 6oz finishing ahead of Glen Turner who used the same method for 56lb 8oz

At Sherwood Forest farm Fishery, in Wednesday’s open, Whitwell’s Andy Lakey had 19 carp to 8lb, alternating between the method feeder and the pole with pellet hookbait on both to claim the win with 47lb 3oz.

John Turton was second weighing 35lb 4oz in a net of carp to 3lb.