Top three all pick up winning scorelines

The top three were all in good form in the Boston Indoor Bowls League's Orchard Health Group Division One, winning their games with considerable ease.
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncanLocal sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan
Local sport from the Boston Standard, Lincolnshire:, on Twitter @standardduncan

Leaders Eastenders had the toughest game on paper but Punchbowlers did not put up to much opposition as skips Richard Vinter and Andrew Reeson secured wins of 30-7 and 23-4.

Holland Fen, in second spot, were matched against the bottom team Royal Mail and also won in style - 32-8 for Mick Tomlin and 30-10 for Jim Gott.

Third-placed Carlton Road finished the evening’s play still three points behind Holland Fen and six behind Eastenders.

The Road were matched against second-bottom Norprint, but the Road’s skips Les Feary and Chris Gill won 28-9 and 19-8.

The surprise result of the night was Jolly Farmers’ eclipse of fourth-placed A40, wins of 17-12 for Richard Allen, Rita Epton and Sheila King and 18-13 for Stuart Moore, Bill Exton and David Allen securing victory.

The game between Invaders and IBC saw the rink points shared.

For IBC, Steve Shaw Richard Toy and Ted Bourne started very strongly, maintaining their advantage and winning 12-20.

The winning scoreline from Ted was to know avail as this was surpassed by the Invaders’ Nathan Dunnington, Sandra Tebbs and Scott Whyers, who triumphed 26-7.

In the T&B Containers Division Two, leaders Red 5 - with a 10-point advantage at the top - were on a bye week.

Second and third teams Feathers and Breakaways needed to win all the points from their games to close the gap, and they were able to do just that.

Feathers beat second-bottom Amateurs as skips Geoff Dawson won 23-12 and Brian Sansam succeeded 33-6.

Breakaways also won on both rinks as Derek Butwright (23-10) and Gordon Gallichan (20-14) triumphed.

Boston Park are pushing the top three, and against the Burtons Tony Hill, Ken Cook and Claire Britchford won 27-11 and Nigel Taylor, Chris Barty and Geoff Harris produced a 23-10 success.

Parthians versus Patriarchs saw the latter win the aggregate points.

For Parthians, Phil Markham won 18-16 and for Patriarchs Colin Baxter replied 14-19.

Poachers were in good form this week as John Riches and Eric Ulyatt produced wins of 24-14 and 21-9 against the Golfers.

In the Cammacks Division Three, leaders Vikings were on a bye week and only Cosmos and Central of the chasing pack were able to pick up maximum points.

Central, in fourth, were matched against the bottom team Nomads. The game finished closely with Fred Epton, for Central, winning 16-13 and Brian Hunn 19-16.

Cosmos, in second, saw Bob Thompson win 21-16 while Katherine Rockall, Alan Dunnington and Jean Thompson also won (26-5).

Highflyers were no match for U3 and claimed a maximum points through Carol Burge, Christine Keeling and Richard Keeling (17-11) and the Thompson-Thorold-Thorold combination (21-15).

The Fairways ladies blow hot and cold and you cannot predict their results.

This week against Traders they won five points.

Anthea Hall succceeded 13-8 against Norman Stanley and Heather Scarboro came from 8-15 down to snatch a draw 16-16 against Gordon Neal.

Shipmates possibly had the best result of the evening’s play against third-placed Dynamics, Stan Smalley winning 22-16 and Walter Parker succeeding 21-16.

Boston bounced out of the National team event the EghamTrophy when they lost 62-46 to Lincoln.