Unbeaten BSC 1 are snooker league champs

BSC 1 ensured they won the Snooker Farm Super League by beating BSC 13 8-0.

This has been a tremendous season for BSC 1 who were unbeaten during the whole campaign.

Shodfriars 20 finished runners-up, this week beating BSC 19 6-2 which relegated BSC 19.

Consistant BSC 2 ended their season with a 5-3 win over BSC 3.

BSC 4 finished off their season with a 6-2 win over relegated BSC 12.

Breaks: G. Cripsey 49, L. Christian 32.

In the Lincolnshire Handyman Premier League, BSC 10 capped off a great season and ensured they won the league by beating Cons 2 5-3.

The three points for 2 was enough to avoid relegation.

Cons 1 ensured promotion, beating Shodfriars 3 5-3 and, in the process, the 3’s relegation was confirmed.

BSC 9 and 8 played out a 4-4 draw, the sides finishing third and fourth respectively.

Breaks: R. Johnson 28, D. Whyler 27, 23, D. Burt 24, P. Raymond 23, P. Pagden 21, S. Dunmore 20.

The Cotts Builders and Contractors Division One saw BSC 16 secure the title in great fashion by beating BSC 7 7-1, who in turn have been relegated.

Newcomers to the league BSC 5 saw themselves promoted in their first season, secured by beating Cons 5 6-2.

Cons 4 beat Kirton 1 6-2, both teams finishing mid-table.

Breaks: P. Oyitch 30, A. Haycock 27, D. Cutting 25, B. Skinner 22, A. Young 20.

In the Sam Dawson Building Services Division Two, BSC 14 got the points they needed to secure promotion as league winners, drawing with Graves Park.

Cons 3 missed out on promotion by a point, drawing with West End Bowls.

In their first-ever snooker season, Kirton 2 amassed a good point tally and will inevitably improve on this going forward.

They recorded an 8-0 win over BSC 17, who disappointingly failed to turn up for their final game of the season and finished bottom of the league.