Unbeaten M2 clinch a Monday pairs title

Ray Robinson and Tom Whiteley (M2) are champions of the Monday Evening Pairs at West Lindsey Indoor Bowls Club.

M2 did enough to beat Ian Hatton’s M7 16-12, and are on track for an unbeaten season with two games left.

Jean Scrafield and Gordon Tucker (M5) beat Peter Tailor’s team 12-9 to stay a clear second.

Bob and Wendy Baines are third after a 23-12 win, and last year’s champions Tony Brown and Alan Rymer (M4) are fourth after beating Julian Cowan and Eric Dobbie (M3) 19-17.

In the Tuesday Australian Pairs League, Bob and Wendy Baines (T4) moved closer to the title with a 23-10 win over T10.

The chances of Michael Proudley and Merv Johnson (T11) are effectively over after a 19-16 defeat by T9 (Susan Mawer and Eric Dobbie).

Marshalls did enough to see off Misterton with a 6-2 (14 shots) win to have one hand on the Outdoor Team Trophy.

Scotter make hard work of beating Owston Ferry 6-2 (4 shots) and can only finish second at best.

Gainsborough Town still have a slight chance but are seven points behind with a very bad shots difference.

Owston Ferry finish two points ahead of bottom team Misterton but Misterton still have a game to play.

Ray Robinson’s F4 team are on track to be the Friday Triples champions after beating F1 19-7.

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