Young athletes begin Tommy Clay series

Competitors at the first Tommy Clay Development Series event last Friday evening enjoyed still, fine and mild conditions for their track and field events at the Princess Royal Sports Arena.
The latest local sports news.The latest local sports news.
The latest local sports news.

At under 15 level, Alicia Carchedi (Lincoln Wellington) won three events, recording 14.5 secs for the 100m, 14.6secs in the 75m hurdles and 5.45m in the shot putt.

In the same age group, Bostonand District AC representative Paige Elding recorded an encouraging 6 mins 00.3 secs for her first 1,500m of the season and clocked 18.2 secs for second place in the 75m hurdles.

In the under 13 girls’, Louise Hirst (Sleaford Striders) achieved a triple, winning long jump (3.57m), 1,500m (5 mins 47.3 secs) and 70m hurdles (15.1 secs).

For BADAC, Megan Reid won the discus with a best throw measuring 12.88m, finished second in long jump with a leap of 3.40m and crossed the finish line third in the 70m hurdles race.

Georgia Ward was first in shot with a putt of 5.43m, runner-up in the 70m hurdles in 17.0 secs and fourth in the long jump contest.

Rosie Owen won the 100m (17.2 secs) and also achieved a second in the shot (4,82m) and fifth in long jump (2.51m), while Tilly Dash was second in the 100m (17.7 secs) and also claimed third in shot and sixth in long jump.

In the under 13 boys’ event, Bourne AC representatives Matthew Hawkridge and Ben Conrathe shared the spoils, with Matthew winning the 100m (14.5 secs) and long jump (3.74m) and Ben the 75m hurdles (17.4 secs), and he also finished runner-up in long jump (3.47m.).

In the under 11 age group, Gold Tops took the opportunity to establish some good early-season best performances.

Joel Bladon won the 75m (12.2 secs) and finished second in the whizzer throw (20.08m).

Hayden Quantrill won both the 150m (25.6 secs) and whizzer (22.43m) and finished runner-up over 75m (12.6secs).

Jack Clark-Atkins won the standing long jump (1.75m) and finished second in the 150m (26.1 secs) and third in the 75m (12.8 secs).

Runner-up in the standing long jump was Harry Dash (1.40m) and he also claimed third place in the whizzer throw (8.03m) and fourth in the 75m (14.2 secs).

In the under 11 girls’ competition, Eleanor Lyddiatt was outstanding in the sprints, winning both the 75m (11.6 secs) and the 150m (23.6 secs).

She also claimed a second position in the standing long jump (1.92m).

Millie Walker narrowly won the standing long jump (1.93m) and finished second in the 75m (11.7 secs) and third in the 150m (25.0 secs).

Issy Reid was victorious in the whizzer (10.78m) and added a fourth place in both 75m (13.5secs) and standing long jump (1.48m).

Ronnie Grey was second over 150m (24.8 secs), third in both the 75m (12.1 secs) and standing long jump ( 1.75m).

In the under nine age group, the Gold Tops had Noah Donnelly-Coles first in the 50m (9.8 secs) and second in 150m (31.6 sec) and whizzer throw (8.42m).

Devan Quantrill crossed the finish line first at the end of the 150m (29.3 secs), won the standing long jump with a leap of 1.36m and claimed second place in the 50m (9.9 secs).

Sleaford Striders’ Michael Lawie won the whizzer throw (8.93m) and claimed two third places in 50m and 150m.

In the girls’ under nine category, BADAC’s Frankie Walker won all three events, recording 9.4 secs in 50m, 1.60m in standing long jump and 7.07m in the whizzer.

Mia Clark-Atkins claimed second in standing long jump (1.26m) and whizzer (5.91m) and ran the 50m in 11.8 secs for fourth position.

In her first competition, Erin Norton was third in standing long jump (1.25m), whizzer (5.16m) and 50m (11.2 secs).

Amelia Blaydon’s debut resulted in a strong second in the 50m (11.2 secs.) and a fourth in the whizzer (4.77m).