Blues ‘best’ heads to Louth for Coochie date at Club venue

A living legend of the blues is on his way to Louth and he has all the credentials needed to confirm his status

Giles Robson

Statements about the ‘world’s greatest’ flow fast and free these days, but blues harp master, singer and songwriter Giles Robson is the real deal, having been awarded a Blues Music Award in Memphis - the Grammys of the Blues.

That puts Giles Robson in the company of the only other UK blues artists to have received this accolade - Eric Clapton and Peter Green.

American Blues Scene (USA) confirmed Giles Robson is: “Well worth his place in blues harp history”

Giles is also the first UK or European Blues artist to appear on Chicago’s legendary Alligator Records, the label describing him as ‘A blues giant, absolute master of the form’.

Little wonder that (Belgium) claimed ‘Giles Robson belongs to the finest, the absolute top, of the current blues generation’.

Playing and singing powerful, emotional and timeless, harmonica blues, Robson is widely considered a virtuoso on his instrument, with his own distinct style.

Also an accomplished singer and songwriter, his live shows have gained him a reputation as a great live performer.

A masterful showman, he’s won over audiences across the world - in the USA, Europe and the UK.

Now, in 2020, he is ready to promote the material from his highly acclaimed new album ‘Don’t Give Up On The Blues’, one of Mojo Magazine’s Top 3 blues albums of the year, to audiences across Europe with his world class band.

The Hoochie Coochie Club is hosting this event at the Conservative Working Mens Club in Louth’s Queen Street on Friday, February 7.

Doors open at 7.15pm and advance tickets for the event cost £14.

They are available from Off The Beaten Tracks in Louth, Replay Records In Grimsby and The Cobbler’s Shop in Cleethorpes.

Alternatively, book on like at

Admission on the door on the night will be £16.