Circus show brings colour to villagers

A new circus group which has just secured Lottery funding to run community workshops in rural areas put on a weekend show for villagers.

Circus Starlight performers at their Leadenham bank holiday weekend show. Photo: Jo Banks EMN-210830-110132001

Nikkiita Mclusky, of Leadenham, has gathered together fellow professionals to create Circus Starlight, with Lottery funding to acquire a big top to bring free performing skills workshops and sessions to community groups in remote areas.

As a preview to their Christmas show, the team put on dancing, acrobatics, bubbles, hoops and clowning in the garden at The George in Leadenham on Sunday.

Nikkiita said it went really well with a great turnout. She will run more circus skills workshops in September.

Bubble tricks with Circus Starlight. Photo: Neil Chapman EMN-210830-110112001
Hand standing skills at the Circus Starlight show. Photo: Jo Banks EMN-210830-110122001
Acrobatics on silks at the Circus Starlight show, entertaining at Leadenham. Photo: Neil Chapman EMN-210830-110102001
Hoola hooping by Nikkiita Mclusky at the circus show in Leadenham. Photo: Jo Banks EMN-210830-110022001
Mastermind behind Circus Starlight, Nikkiita Mclusky (centre) with two of her fellow performers. Photo: Neil Chapman EMN-210830-110032001
Acrobatics in a hoop by one of the circus performers. Photo: Neil Chapman EMN-210830-110042001
Hand standing tricks by one of the Circus Starlight troupe. Photo: Neil Chapman EMN-210830-110052001