Comic ace Thomas is back to make his Mark on the road at The Drill in Lincoln

Mark Thomas

The Drill, Lincoln, October 26.

Fresh off the back of a sold-out run and the highest of critical acclaim at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe, the political godfather of UK comedy is back to what he does best; taking down politicians, mucking about, new ideas and finding hope.

This award-winning comedian (is there any other type?) asks how did we get here? What are we going to do about it? Who’s up for a sing-song?

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    See comedian Mark Thomas when his latest tour visits The Drill in Lincoln (Photo by Tony Pletts)


    After lockdowns and isolation, this show is about the simple act of being in a room together and toppling international capitalism.

    In previous shows, Mark has talked about visiting the West Bank and Jenin, lobbying Parliament, walking in the footsteps of the highest NHS officials, playing at The Royal Opera House, making stuff for TV, radio and newspapers and going undercover.

    This latest outing is more creative fun from one of our oldest surviving alternative comics.

    Details: For more on ticket availability, you can go to credit: Tony Pletts


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