Console Corner: Dying Light review

Latest zombie game is a Dying de-Light.

We do the mash, we do the monster mash
We do the mash, we do the monster mash

What do you get when you mix Last Of Us, Assassin’s Creed, Far Cry, Mirror’s Edge and the Walking Dead together... a brilliant and utterly terrifying video game.

That’s just what Dying Light is, a monster mash of all these things with just enough originality thrown in with its Be The Zombie mode to make it stand out from the (undead) crowd.

It’s not perfect. The missions can be ad nauseam in the grand scheme of things when so much fun/terror is at your fingertips in the beautifully-crafted city of Harran, which has been quarantined after the outbreak of a zombie plague. The lead character also grates a bit but I’m being really picky here.

The parkour style controls take time to get to grips with but add immensely to the experience and in making you really feel like you are right in the thick of the action as you clamber onto a bus roof to escape the clutches of a zombie.

The day and night mechanic is superb and is the game’s big shining light. At night the real scary boys come out to play. They’re fast, superpowered and on the hunt for you should you dare to venture out of a safe zone.

I cannot put into words how terrifying this aspect of the game is. It creates a real genuine sense of fear, sweaty palms an all, which stays with you long after playing.

It is a real achievement on behalf of Techland just how well this aspect works.

The levelling system is very good and rewarding too but some aspects can be maddening – like not being able to look around properly when traversing a ledge to find a place to drop or jump to.

The side missions are generally more interesting than the main game and add a huge deal of depth – I played for something like 14 hours and the story mode was still only 8% complete.

Zombie mode is a nice release from the thought and skill you have to put into story mode. Simplistic moves and eerie effects allow for a game mode ideal for online multiplayer.

It has great effects, an easy control system and good choice of talent tree when levelling. It makes for an original and pretty excellent alternative multiplayer option.

But some people may find it over simplified in the earlier levels and without a separate zombie story mode levelling may become a bit repetitive.

You can also team up in a co-op to complete missions which definitely adds a new dynamic to what is the first AAA game release of 2015. Rating: 8.5/10

Dying Light is available for digital download now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.