Console Corner: The 5 most anticipated games of 2018

As we head into the new year I take a look at the top 5 most anticipated game releases of 2018.
The top 5 most anticipated games of 2018The top 5 most anticipated games of 2018
The top 5 most anticipated games of 2018

While dates are subject to change, I think you will agree the spring is looking hugely exciting!

1) Red Dead Redemption 2: No surprises here given that the original Red Dead Redemption is one of the best games of all time. This is Rockstar’s next project following the world-dominating Grand Theft Auto V. And it is actually a prequel rather than a sequel, making it a pretty ideal starting point even if you didn’t play the brilliant Red Dead (which you should fix ASAP). Out: Spring.

2) A Way Out: EA’s surprise reveal at E3, A Way Out is a prison escape game that must be played in split-screen co-op, whether your ally is online or next to you on the couch.

It looks unreal although the fact there seems to be no single-player version with an A.I. partner is a concern. A slick-looking action game which could be a real hit if EA get it right. Out: March 23.

3) Days Gone: Bikers vs zombies in an open world? What’s not to love?.

Days Gone is one of Sony’s most exciting new original IPs and has earned comparisons to Naughty Dog’s brilliant The Last of Us. A third-person shooter starring grizzled, regret-filled heroes, Days Gone sometimes pits you against hundreds of frantic, pursuing zombies. And the most compelling twist is the ability to tackle encounters and problems in many different ways, using the open world to your advantage. Apparently the game never plays the same way twice. Intriguing. Out: TBC.

4) Crackdown 3: It’s been eight long years since the underwhelming Crackdown 2, but we still have so much love for the original Xbox 360 game which gives us hope for Crackdown 3 .

It certainly looks set to amplify the original’s approach thanks to a vast open world and massively destructible cities. Out: Slated for spring.

5) Far Cry 5: It’s been a few years since the last mainline Far Cry game so I can’t wait to get my hands on Far Cry 5. And Ubisoft seems unafraid to wade into some potential controversy with the plot, which centers on a cult of violent, religious fundamentalists in rural Montana in the US. Out: March 27.

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